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About Smedley Insurance Group, Inc.

Smedley Insurance Group is a business-to-consumer insurance agency that delivers Web-based, insurance information to individuals, families and small businesses who are in need of insurance information. Our integrated suite of online services facilitates a comprehensive search and review of leading insurance companies.

SmedleyInsuranceGroup.com is not owned by any insurance company, therefore we provide objective information to consumers and small business owners, helping them make informed decisions about their insurance needs.

Individual Health Insurance

SmedleyInsuranceGroup.com is a recognized name for those shopping for individual health insurance. As an Independent Broker for hundreds of companies across the country, Smedley Insurance Group works for you, not the insurance carrier. SmedleyInsuranceGroup.com specializes in lowering individual health insurance premiums for small business owners, individuals and families alike.

Family Health Insurance

No matter what your situation, if you pay for individual family health insurance, then you owe it to yourself to give SmedleyInsuranceGroup.com a call. Based in Phoenix, AZ, owned and operated by Smedley Insurance Group, Inc; SmedleyInsuranceGroup.com is licensed in 27 states across the US and represents more than 26,000 individuals and families across the country. Call today for a complimentary needs assessment and find out how much money you could be saving!

Small Business Health Insurance

At SmedleyInsuranceGroup.com our integrated suite of small business health insurance plans, life insurance and dental insurance facilitate a wide range of leading insurance companies across the country. Our extensive experience helps us point you in the right direction from day one. We believe that everyone deserves flexible and affordable medical insurance and that is why we work so hard for you. One phone call is all it takes in order to have your top individual health insurance options in front of you. SIG will send the proposal in a simple to understand, side by side PDF written in a language that’s easy for you to understand. (No confusing insurance jargon!)

Small Group Health Insurance

SmedleyInsuranceGroup.com is a free resource for consumers to find affordable small business health insurance quotes without hassle. As a broker, we work for you, not the insurance company. We will shop the hundreds of options for you in order to find your most affordable option without sacrificing important coverage. Call us today!

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