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Knowing the Difference between HMOs and PPOs


Many people looking for medical insurance Maryland are unsure of the differences between HMOs and PPOs. Researching and trying to absorb so much information (that seems to be written in a foreign language) feels overwhelming. It’s also frustrating and stressful to try and make a decision about which healthcare to subscribe to when you don’t really know what it is they offer. HMOs and PPOs have a lot in common, but they are definitely different types of coverage.


HMO stands for health maintenance organization and is a prepaid insurance plan. Under this plan a monthly premium is paid and doctors are assigned or chosen from a pool of contracted doctors. HMOs are big on preventative care since it’s in their best interest to keep you healthy. Therefore regular visits are encouraged and include physical exams, x-rays, women’s health needs, and well baby visits. HMO medical insurance Maryland requires modest co-pays (out of pocket expense) each time you go to the doctor. The rules are pretty strict with HMOs regarding who you can see and when you can or cannot visit a specialist.


PPOs on the other hand are called preferred provider organization and are known for being more flexible than HMOs. Consumers with PPO medical insurance Maryland aren’t required to visit any certain doctor. You have the freedom to choose any doctor you’d like to see; including a specialist. You will have to pay a larger fee when you visit someone who is out of network but you’re not restricted from doing so. PPOs are more expensive than HMOs but people tend to like the flexibility. Some consumers will also claim that they get better service from PPOs (but of course you’ll hear that about different companies depending on people’s unique experiences).


When shopping for medical insurance Maryland, it’s up to you to make the best decision about what you need. HMOs tend to be less expensive but more restrictive. Some people don’t like feeling like their hands are tied, but others say that their doctors are great and they’re perfectly happy with their plan. PPOs tend to be more expensive but are also more flexible. The best thing to do is read up on both plans (and any other plans you’re interested in) and ask a lot of questions. You can scour the internet and find a plethora of information right at your finger tips. If you’ve exhausted that option, you can always call the company. You want to be crystal clear about your health coverage before you subscribe.



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