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An Insurance Marketing Organization You Can Trust!

Smedley Insurance Group, Inc. has been helping agents succeed in the life and health space since 2007. Our goal is simple. To help you write more business and make more money. If we do this, we both win. SIG is unique because our agents all work by phone. We utilize exclusive technology to enable agents write their business online. Whether it’s an MAPD, PDP, Medigap, Life, Final Expense, you name it… You can write it online, by phone without seeing your client.

What makes us different?

While other agencies focus on recruiting as many agents as possible, we focus on helping the agents we already have. In addition, your contact at SIG will be a licensed broker with real clients. Our marketing reps are still selling and servicing their own clients which means the answers you get from us are real world, practical answers that work in todays climate. We also understand that agents don’t all work 8-5 which is why we’re available constantly to help you close your next deal. Phone, email, text, smoke signals, however, you need to reach us we will be available and in record time.

What If I Want to Leave?

You own your book of business from day 1. You are 100% independent and while we’re extremely confident you will never want to leave, you will be released in writing should you ever need to. We do not believe in hindering an agents ability to make money by keeping them locked in a contract.

Want to build an agency?

We have the tools, systems, and contracts to help you build your own downline or keep the one you already have.

New to the industry? Need a mentor?

Whether you freshly licensed or just not confident in your business plan, we have the answer. We can set you up with an active producer that helps agents daily and still manages to write 25 apps a month. Through constant contact and repetition you will form your own style while utilizing our building blocks to help you build your book of business.

Need to get licensed?  We have an online system which allows you to study online (or by paper if needed) where we can track your daily progress and keep you on track to pass your state test and obtain your license. This process takes most people less than 2 weeks from start to finish, but, can be done in a weekend for those who are super motivated.