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I’ve known Jesse Smedley for over 12 years and he is the reason why I got licensed and became an insurance broker back in 2010. From day one he has always been there for me and today I work for myself and make a 6 figure income selling insurance on the phone from the beaches Mal Pais, Costa Rica. It’s because he has shown me the ropes, and I can’t thank him enough for that. If you are a new agent (like I was), or an experienced one (like I am) I highly recommend using SIG as your partner to success.

Bruno, Mal Pais - Costa Rica

Smedley Insurance Group and its founder, Jesse Smedley are amazing.  I have worked with them for 10 years now and have never regretted the decision to make them my FMO.  The mentorship that I received is second to none.  They have a plan, a system and it is duplicatable.  They show you what, where and how. You feel like you have someone in your corner with SIG. You know if you have a question that you don’t have the answer to there is always a way to find it. Smedley Insurance Group makes you feel like family. Questions are encouraged. Service is priority. The mentors that you work with are actual selling agents, they know what is going on because they are doing the same thing you are. If you are looking for someone that knows insurance telesales then this is the FMO for you. They have it down pat. I can truly say if you pass up SIG, you are passing up opportunity.

Justine, Bangor - Maine

As someone going through a career change, or one of the biggest changes in life, Jesse Smedley introduced me to the world of insurance sales. I didn’t really know where to begin or what to expect. Smedley Insurance Group helped me get up and running in no time at all as an Independent Insurance Broker. They have prepared me, coached me and simply given me the confidence to start in a very competitive and at times very trying market. With the contacts, they provided I was able to get contracts with carriers where some didn’t even answer me for weeks or even months about getting contracted. Smedley Insurance reached out and had me contracted within hours at times. Talk about great mentorship Jesse Smedley (Founder & CEO) always has the answers….literally. There wasn’t a time he didn’t know the answer to any question I had and in record time. You can trust that Smedley Insurance Group will be there to get you on your feet and running!

Michael, Phoenix - Arizona