Maryland Health Insurance for the Self Employed

//Maryland Health Insurance for the Self Employed

Maryland Health Insurance for the Self Employed

Health Insurance for the Self Employed Maryland

Health insurance for the Maryland self-employed comes in all shapes and sizes these days. Whether you are a sole proprietor looking for individual insurance or an S-Corporation with 25 employees looking for Maryland group health insurance, there are hundreds of different options. Maryland small business owners should consult a competent health insurance broker to go over the complexities of setting up a health insurance plan. It’s also often advisable to consult a tax professional either before or during the process.

At Smedley Insurance Group, we specialize in health insurance for the self employed. Maryland small business owners are our # 1 largest demographic and we’re very good at figuring out the best way to structure your small business health insurance plan.

As a sole proprietor, there are many things you need to ask yourself.

  1. How much do I want pay?
  2. How much liability am I willing to take on? (deductibles and out of pocket)
  3. Do I want copays for office visits?
  4. Do I need copays for office visits?
  5. Do I need/or want maternity coverage?
  6. What about supplemental accident and critical illness policies? Are they necessary?
  7. What about tax deductibility?

As a larger entity, you must ask all of the above and then some.

  1. Will I share costs with my employees?
  2. Will we impose a waiting period for new employees?
  3. Are we going to offer individual health insurance only, or just we also offer vision and dental?
  4. What about AD&D and life insurance?
  5. 24 hour coverage?
  6. What about HSA’s, FSA’s and HRA’s?
  7. Am I allowed to deduct the premiums on my 1040?

Our brokers will help you through all of the above questions and will also point out and cover other questions that you may not think to ask. Our clients appreciate the attention to detail that we give every single one of them. Are you shopping or researching Maryland health insurance for the self employed? If so, call us at right now at (866) 260-9829 and let us show you why we’re #1. Your Maryland health insurance broker will obtain an employee census (if applicable) and have your quote to you within minutes.


Don’t want to talk on the phone yet? That’s ok. Click Here to complete your employee census online and have one of our agents get back to you with a quote.



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