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Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

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There is a segment of the American people who can’t get health insurance for one reason or another. Some have a disease or have recently had a disease, some have a disability, and some have other health complications that make it difficult to but personal health insurance policies. No need to worry, though. Companies have come up with guaranteed issue health insurance policies to fill the gap for these folks. Let’s overview a little about who needs one of these plans and what they will do for the policyholder.

Imagine this. You don’t have health insurance and you go to hospital because you’ve been feeling under the weather. After some poking and prodding the doctors come back with a diagnosis. You may have diabetes. What do you do? How will you pay for medical treatment going forward? You’ve just become ineligible for a personal health insurance policy. If you call a well trained health insurance broker you will have some options to consider. A guaranteed issue health insurance policy will be the first. This type of policy will help offset your medical expenses by paying for some of the treatments or tests you may need. There will also be help to reduce the overall cost of your medical expenses by using the insurance companies vast networks and negotiation power.

Guaranteed issue health insurance plans are defined benefits. Each company is different in what they will pay for and how much of a service they will pay for so be sure to review the benefits with your broker. Often times the insurance company will negotiate down the cost of a service and then pay the medical service provider and bill you for the difference. The great thing about guaranteed issue health insurance plans is the companies who offer them will often be able to help you find the lowest cost provider in your area and have many suggestions as how to keep your medical costs down. They will usually have a dedicated line you can call to receive some advice about this. Guaranteed issue health insurance policies are built to help those with medical needs not be put into the poor house over their care.

Finally, one of the best things about a guaranteed issue health insurance policy. No medical underwriting. You can be overweight, have a disease, be disabled, or a combination of these. The company providing the policy for you won’t turn you away because you aren’t in perfect health. As long as you pay your guaranteed health insurance premium they will help you lower your medical costs and pay for some of the treatment out of their coffers instead of out of your bank account.

If you have questions about guaranteed issue health insurance or need a quote please contact us at and one of our trained brokers will be happy to share with you how you can have a policy in place for yourself even if you do have some health concerns.

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