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Why do I need it?


This questions seems like a no-brainer, right? You would like to think so but scores of people every year decide to forgo having a Maryland health insurance policy. Maybe they think they won’t get sick, it’s possible they think they’ll never get hurt in an accident, and more likely they think it will be too expensive but they don’t check around. All of these are silly reasons to not at least look into purchasing your own Maryland health insurance plan. Let’s discover why it may be important to you to be covered.


One never knows when an illness is going to come on. Unfortunately it is becoming more common to get a disease like cancer or some other scary sickness. On the bright side, we are living longer and treatments are becoming more and more effective thanks to cutting edge techniques from our scientists and doctors. These developments have a cost associated with them. Sometimes a big one. Recently, I had an MRI. One very cool machine that uses magnets to “copy” a picture of our brains, bones, muscles, or anything else they want to see without cutting you open. Offhandedly I decided to ask what the price tag on one of these amazing machines was. $1,500,000! Of course, they have payments to make on this machine so it does cost a buck to sit inside for an hour or so. That is where your Maryland health insurance policy will come into play. You will have a deductible and possibly some co-pay but you won’t get socked with the HUGE bill that comes along with needing an MRI. Once you have satisfied your deductible your Maryland health insurance will pick up a portion or possibly all of the bill depending on the make up of your plan.


The other major obstacle I see all the time is people figuring a Maryland health insurance policy will cost too much money and they won’t be able to fit it into their monthly budget. This is often not the case. An experienced broker can almost always help you overcome this hurdle. A broker will help you shop the competition and find you the best price available since prices are locked in by law for each company. A broker will also be able to help you design a Maryland health insurance plan with the right deductibles, co-insurance, and co-pay options to make sure the policy will fit into your budget and ensure the out of pocket costs don’t make you go broker paying for medical services. Once you are ready to put a Maryland health insurance policy into place they will walk you through the underwriting process and help you get the most favorable rating on your policy. Finally, when your policy comes up for renewal that broker will help you shop around again to give you the peace of mind that you are paying the best price all the time and help you overcome any price increases by your current company.


If you have questions about Maryland health insurance or you would like a free quote be sure to contact us by phone or using the form above and a trained broker will show you how to affordably put some protection in place for you and your family.

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