Health Insurance for Individuals in Texas

//Health Insurance for Individuals in Texas

Health Insurance for Individuals in Texas

What you Need to know!

While shopping for health insurance for individuals in Texas, one common question always seems to emerge. What exactly do I need to know to make sure I’m getting the best deal. The answer is always the same… a lot!

When evaluating the different health insurance for individuals in Texas, you need to first determine what is most important to you with your health plan.

  • Are you trying to stick to a certain budget?
  • Do you want a certain size deductible?
  • Are you most concerned with how much you pay at the doctor?
  • What about prescriptions?
  • Is mental health covered?
  • What about chiropractic?
  • Can’t forget about preventive care…

Each individual has a different set of criteria that is most important to them when seeking out a new individual health insurance plan. For most people budget is the # 1 concern, then follows annual out of pocket, then copays for doctors, then RX, etc. If you have a firm understanding on these terms and have purchased health plans unassisted in the past, then you might be cut out to do it again online without the assistance of an agent. I never recommend this, even for the experienced shopper, but some do like to purchase insurance unassisted.

It is my opinion that anyone shopping for health insurance for individuals in Texas needs to be assisted by a licensed health insurance broker. Not an agent, but a broker, because there is a big difference. I also won’t stop there. I firm believe that your broker should work with every health insurance carrier that sells health insurance to individuals in Texas. By using a broker appointed with all carriers in the state, you are ensuring that you will receive impartial and unbiased advice. This results in you receiving good quality information to base you health insurance purchasing decision off of. Furthermore, you should ask detailed questions to your broker to make sure that you are getting straight advice. Sometimes broker receive bonuses or incentives to push certain products, so don’t be afraid to ask. In addition, ask you broker to see options from at least 3 carriers so that you are certain you are selecting your best option.

While best option is relative to each individual, it’s important to find a well balanced plan. Make sure that your comfortable with every aspect of the plan and if you’re not, then just keep looking. Keep in mind that there are over 850 different plan combinations with regard to health insurance for individuals in Texas. If you see 3 and aren’t satisfied, rest assured there are plenty more that your broker can sift through.

Still have questions? Call me!

As a licensed Texas health insurance broker, I’m licensed to sell health insurance for individuals in Texas from every major carrier in the state.  I specialize in health insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, critical illness insurance, disability insurance and much more! I can be reached at (866) 260-9829 Ext. 101. 

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