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Different Types of Coverage


If you’re in need of Maryland health insurance, you have a number of options for your health coverage. There are plans dependent on whether you’re an individual, a group, you’re having problems finding health coverage, or if you’ve lost your job (under which you had health insurance). Regardless of your circumstance, start your search online. There is so much information available at your fingertips. You’ll want to look for a health insurance broker. This is someone who isn’t stuck to one company. They will help you seek out the best insurance for your individual needs. The great thing about brokers is that you don’t have to pay them because they make their money from commission paid from the insurance companies.


Individual – This is when you’re not purchasing coverage for a group of people. If you just need coverage for yourself, this is what you’ll buy. Or sometimes you’ll need it just for your child and you can purchase this for that need as well. Though many people are offered insurance through employers, there are others who are not. Individual insurance can be very expensive, but you can’t really put a price on your health. Maryland health insurance can provide for individual insurance needs.


Family – Family insurance is just that; insurance for your family. There are different ways to come by family Maryland health insurance though. Many people are provided the option to receive health benefits under the umbrella policy of their employer. This can cover the adults and children. Usually the rates are better if you can use this means for obtaining medical coverage. If not, then you’d have to buy insurance (unless you qualify for state programs that are available). When purchasing family insurance you can choose to insure the whole family or, depending on the company you choose to work with, you could cover each member separately. For some plans this will have advantages regarding cost.


Group – Group Maryland health insurance is that which is provided by an employer. Group insurance covers a group of two or more. Since there are so many subscribers under this type of plan, out of pocket expenses are much lower than other types of coverage. Some people pay monthly premiums while others only pay co-pays. The reason is that some companies will actually just pay the premiums for their employees. But even if you have to pay under a group plan, you’ll see that your prices are minimal compared to what others are paying for private insurance, etc.



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