Health Insurance in Maryland

//Health Insurance in Maryland

Health Insurance in Maryland

Laws that Protect You

Health is what usually determines your qualification status for health insurance in Maryland. Not whether you qualify or not but what will and will not be covered, etc. But if you are experiencing health problems or have a health condition or disease, you won’t be expected to just handle it on your own without health care professionals. There are laws in Maryland for your protection and there are options for getting health care coverage.

  • Group health plans general information – If offered a group insurance plan by your employer, under the nondiscrimination law your benefits can’t be limited or denied. Neither can you be asked to pay more because of the condition of your health. With a pre-existing condition there are certain rules to abide by when reviewing information regarding a subscriber or potential subscriber. One being that you must wait a certain amount of time before a new group plan is going to pay for the needed care.
  • COBRA – If you have group health insurance in Maryland and you leave your job, you are usually eligible for COBRA for a certain period of time (approximately eighteen months give or take a little). This means that you can keep using the benefits from your group plan for that period of time. COBRA is usually more expensive but if you’re able to keep those benefits then it’s well worth the extra money; especially if you have health problems.
  • HIPPA – This will help you get health insurance in Maryland. There are laws in place that insurance providers are held to regarding pre-existing health conditions and the coverage they provide. These laws are also in order to protect your dependent family members who need coverage under you. This is really helpful if you change jobs and are afraid that with your health issues, you won’t be able to get coverage. You will be able to get coverage. Of course there are certain restrictions that apply but good coverage is attainable.

In the past people were discriminated against left and right and denied health insurance based on the condition of their health. People were left high and dry. Well times have changed and health insurance in Maryland cannot be denied because of these conditions. There are certain terms and conditions, of course, but there is coverage available in order to get the care you need.

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