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//Maryland Disability Insurance

Maryland Disability Insurance

Protecting your Income Stream

You have so many Maryland health insurance options, one of them being disability insurance. Do I need it? Is it important? Maryland disability insurance means more coverage. If you are thinking that your life and health insurance are enough to protect you and your family, you are mistaken. Working men and women are more likely to suffer from work related disability than breath their last prematurely. Unfortunately, most workers, baby boomers included, tend to invest more in life and health plans but pinch pennies when it comes to disability insurance. To better protect your family against the miseries of having reduced or no income at all, you have to prepare against the risk of losing your job or having prolonged absence from work due to disability.

The importance of having Maryland disability insurance is more apparent among white collar workers. Statistics show that this type of wage earners have approximately 30% risk of suffering from work related disabilities that can result in work absences lasting for 90 days or more. The great advances in medical care are also working against people who do not have disability insurance. If you have accident at work and become disabled as a result, you can still receive top caliber health care that will prolong your life, but not your income stream. In short, if you are disabled and uninsured, you may be without income for years.

Taking out Maryland disability insurance is a cornerstone of your financial future. Do not stop on MD health insurance because it covers a different risk. Your most important resource is your ability to earn a living. So, protect it with disability insurance. Still, it is not that easy to find good disability insurance. You have to consider your lifestyle and the daily living allowance suitable for you and your family. For this reason, you also have to calculate the money you want to be paid to you as coverage in case you suffer from disability. The issue of work related disability may not be a comfortable issue to talk about, but not being prepared for such risk can make your life very difficult.

Always remember, premiums for Maryland disability insurance can be very affordable. Chances are the coverage may not bring back the same level of income stream as before you had your disability. But it is always better to have disability coverage than none at all. At Smedley Insurance Group, you have an excellent source of information regarding Maryland health insurance quotes, Maryland disability insurance quotes and much more. Having a good understanding of these types of insurance policies and how they work together can help you in a big way when the time comes.

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